Toby Graham

Hailing from Canberra, Toby Graham floats in a pink seashell of Ethereal Folk, calling out questions about society and where it all went wrong.  Toby wants more than anything to wrap you in whispers of ‘it’s going to be alright’.  His first album Spines, was released independently in 2014, followed by Soft Faces to Hold in 2015.

Here is Boroky’s new single, Angler Fish! Some species of angler fish have very interesting mating habits. Multiple males will bite into the side of a single female and feed off her blood for the rest of their lives, shooting sperm at a web of eggs she excretes when she’s fertile. This information had a profound effect on me and I wrote a song about it. In vague terms, it’s about love, death and dependency.






Soft Faces to Hold available here:

Debut Album Spines available at


Contact:  tobygrahammusic at outlook dot com

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